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She’s Back…with a Movie!

2004, by most accounts, was the year of the political documentary. All of the Swift Boat stuff along with numerous films about Bush. And then there was Fahrenheit 9/11. The 2008 election saw fewer films in the mix, though Hillary: The Movie may be more well-known as the text that gave rise to the Citizens United decision than for its actual content. A good collection of essays examining those films is The Rhetoric of the New Political Documentary, edited by Thomas Benson and Brian Snee.

Now there’s word that a feature film is due out next month in Iowa about Sarah Palin and her tenure (brief as it was) as governor of Alaska. All of this fueling talk that she’s getting to run for president–the house in Arizona, hiring new advisers, beefing up her speaking schedule. NYT has a story about Palin’s possible presidential run and Real Clear Politics highlights the new film.

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